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NY Building Systems Consultant Inc.(NYBSC) is Approved Partner of ConEdison to Get Rebate for Your Buildings. ConEdison is offering incentives for approved equipment upgrades that could make your property more energy efficient. All qualifying buildings are eligible for Market Rate Incentives......... More details

NY Building Systems Consultant Inc.(NYBSC) is proud to have “The Dominick Hotel (former Trump SoHo)” as valuable customer.

The Dominick Hotel (former Trump SoHo) is a high-rise, 5-star, posh hotel. It is in lower Manhattan and located in a mile from One World Trade Center. It is the only independent hotel in New York with the exclusive Five Diamond accolade from AAA, and one of three premier hotels in New York City prestigious enough to be a part of the Preferred Hotel & Resorts’ Legend Collection.......More details

Within six (6) months of implementation the design and recommendations the energy star score has been improved. The building installed new modular boilers to save part load hours & converted from oil#4 to oil#2 and got the result, still the building energy improvement is on progress. We believe the energy star score will improve more when the building will complete other recommendations......... More details​

NY Building Systems Consultant Inc.(NYBSC) Provides New York City Special Inspection Services to Support Clients’ Requirements. Mechanical Special Inspections Including the Following Fields:......... More details​

NY Building Systems Consultant Inc.(NYBSC) is happy to successfully completed the design for Cogeneration (Trigeneration) including Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Heating Hot Water, Domestic hot Water and Cooling. Project is started to savings the energy and cost as well as collect the incentives......... More details

NYBSC’s energy efficiency audit and commissioning team evaluation identified a total of Twenty Three (23) energy conservation measures (ECMs) and RCx findings with an annualized cost savings $967,153and a capital cost of $7,369,894, resulting in a return on investment of 7.62 years. Possible incentives are more than $1.6 million for capital construction. ​More details

NY Building Systems Consultant Inc.(NYBSC)  recommended to install multiple boilers instead of single boiler to save more energy as part load savings. After completing the Energy study, the building board and property management excited to hire NYBSC engineering design team replacement of old oil-fired boiler by new high efficiency dual-fuel boilers. The building also awarded to NYBSC for manage the boilers construction work on time and within the budget....... More details


Trying to make sense of Local Law 97 of 2019—NYC’s building emissions law? Urban Green developed these FAQs to add clarity to key provisions and will update them as provisions are modified or added.
This is for informational purposes only. For full details on the law and questions related to compliance, please contact the City of New York........
 More details​