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Plumbing Design

Our plumbing engineers design with a “whole building” approach and are instrumental in influencing high water efficiency, energy, fire protection, pollution systems and a sustainable site. We are able to provide assessments, recommend alternatives, and thus provide high-functioning systems that meet the client’s very specific individual need as well as assisting in conserving natural resources.

Our expertise covers a wide variety of plumbing design including:

  • Commercial waste and vent systems.
  • Commercial domestic water and hot water systems.
  • Central domestic water heating plant design.
  • Storm water systems.
  • Storm water pre-treatment systems.
  • Commercial plumbing systems design.


Cogeneration, often called “combined heat and power “(CHP) is defined as the simultaneous production of energy and useful heat. Locally produced energy along with the reuse of waste heat is more efficient then utility produced energy. Cogeneration and trigeneration tap the full potential of on-site power generation to manage overall energy consumption for commercial buildings, hospitals and college campuses. Waste heat is used for both heating and cooling purposes and can have benefits for a customer capable of utilizing both.  A trigeneration facility can supply cooling in addition to heat and off-grid power.

Cogeneration applications are better suited for new construction or redevelopment projects as a result of the design and costs concerns. However, cogeneration can be retrofitted into an existing project but will present some installation and design challenges.

Cogeneration facilities also require maintenance related downtime and there’s always a chance of un-planned outages due to equipment failure; both create a situation requiring utility back-up to the cogeneration plant.  

Boiler Plant Installation / Upgrade

NY Building Systems Consultant Inc (NYBSC)  engineers guide you for installation the new boilers, or full boiler upgrades, or oil to gas conversion. The company is capable of comprehensively managing the process from initial filing with the utility for the gas load, to designing the project, to obtaining bid proposals from multiple contractors, and seeing it through completion. 

Chiller Plant Upgrade / Optimization

The solution automatically controls and sequences the operation of an entire chilled water plant.  In particular, Demand Flow optimizes temperature set points for chilled water and condenser water, while controlling pump and fan speeds to maintain the proper energy balance.

Our expertise help to design a comprehensive energy management system that reduces the electricity use in the most energy-intensive component of most facilities.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design Services

HVAC Design

As one of NY Building Systems Consultant Inc (NYBSC) core services we strive to offer a high-level of expertise within the mechanical engineering discipline. We have a team of engineers, many of whom are certified or licensed either as a P.E., or CEM, or a combination of the two. We encourage our engineers to get involved with various organizations such as the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) allowing us to stay on the cutting edge of new technology. Our engineers design for a variety of projects and clients thus having an in-depth knowledge base to pull from. By spending time in the field, taking measurements, and asking the right questions, they ensure a level of detail that simplifies the bid and construction process and results in fewer change orders. Our MEP solutions place an emphasis on building performance, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort.

Engineering Services