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Boilers Replacement in 7 W 96th Street 


NY Building Systems Consultant Inc.(NYBSC) recommended install multiple boilers instead of single boiler to save more energy as part load savings. After completing the Energy study, the building board and property management excited to hire NYBSC engineering design team replacement of old oil-fired boiler by new high efficiency dual-fuel boilers. The building also awarded to NYBSC for manage the boilers construction work on time and within the budget.

The Objectives:

The objective of the new boilers design was to provide the facilities of heating and domestic hot water for the tenants without interrupt the service and reducing the building energy consumption as well as operational cost. 

The benefits of using natural gas as fuel:

1. Reduce the building’s greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Reduce the fuel and maintenance cost by using modern control

   system including programmable thermostats, night and weekend setbacks and warm weather shutdown. 

The benefits of using multiple boilers
(Running multiple boilers vs. single boiler):
Boiler system optimization can save the energy running the small boiler during the part load hours and follow the building load profile.

Address: 7 West 96th Street, New York
Square Foot: 100,316
Type: Multifamily
Units: 84
Year of Built: 1931

Management:  Douglas Elliman

-Annual Cost Savings: $33,161
-Project/Capital Cost: $1,061,857
-Solution: Replacement of single old boiler by 

                  multiple new boilers. 

New Boilers Installed

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